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People You Must Look At Me

by Kite

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Ben Harris
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Ben Harris Hard to pick a single track from this, because my artworld ruined brain perceives each song to be a particular chapter in what is intended to be a single open-ended artwork - like a particular scene in a video art piece, or one demarcated space of an installation, or one particular gesture in a performance, etc. Hard to explain but somehow enchanting to witness. Favorite track: )).
((( 02:48
(( 01:43
( 01:44
) 01:41
)) 01:41
))) 02:42


People You Must Look at Me is an experimental improvised and electronic album, chiastically structured as a cocoon which, wraps itself around eternal death and originally composed for body interface, video, and sound.

The title is taken from a Lakota song which carried me through a difficult time. In each short recording session, I provided each of the improvisers with the same looping chord recording in headphones and asked them to improvise. I processed and arranged their improvisations afterward, trying to move things on the timeline as little as possible. A throughline of my compositional practice has been my attempt to unite the listening body with the computational system, seeking to not only sonify sound but to visualize and most importantly, tactilize data. This piece was my first attempt with the body interface and would lead me to more deeply explore the problem of contextualizing my body, at the places where sonification fails to communicate, into the realms of truth, belief, and Lakota epistemology.


released May 11, 2020

Mixed by Kite
Mastered by Devin Ronneberg
Original Body Interface by James Hurwitz

Body: Kite
Singing: Loons of Turtle Island
Saxophone: Matana Roberts
Fiddle: Alicia Svigals
Harp: Marilu Donovan
Serge: Kite

Thank you to Devin Ronneberg for being present at the funeral and taking a recording at a very sacred time because I asked you to. Thank you to James Hurwitz for building me my first body interface and mailing it to me while I created this work.

Thank you to the improvisers: Matana Roberts, Alicia Svigals, and Marilu Donovan for your contribution to this piece. Also thank you to Lazar Bozic for Serge assistance.


all rights reserved


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